Building Your Site

      The ultimate test of your site is whether or not it fulfills your purposes. We must consider a number of issues in order to assure that your site works as intended.

    Domain Names

      Long after its first appearance, your site will be known by the URL at which it was first found. The URL is simply a page's address on the Internet. Unlike a postal address, site and page addresses do not change if you move your site to a different host computer. The location in cyberspace remains the same as long as the "domain name" does not change.

      It is, therefore, important that we register your domain name as soon as possible, especially given the intense competition for good names. If the right domain name is chosen at the outset, it need never change; any change will severely disrupt traffic to your site.


    On-line Databases

      Database access over the Internet is now possible and offers you an efficient way to provide information to the public. It is even possible to allow surfers to add information to a database.

Internet Movie Database offers a wide range of information about films.

    Building Traffic

      Your site is of little use if it attracts no traffic. It is best if the right kind of traffic is attracted, although there is no way to control this directly. We can develop a number of strategies for building traffic, depending on the nature and purpose of your site.

"Hits" are a measure of success.

    Search Engines

      "Search engines" on the Web help surfers to find sites which interest them. Your site must index correctly on search engines. We can help to assure that your site indexes correctly and enjoys good traffic from search engines.

Infoseek is a Web search engine.


      We must consider site maintenance from the beginning of the design process. Your site is unlikely to remain static for any length of time. We will need to build structures that support both growth and easy management.
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