Web Strengths

      The Web offers capabilities that are not available in any other medium. Let us consider these unique strengths and the advantages they convey.


      Hypertext links, clickable links which open another Web page on the same site or somewhere else on the Web, are easy to create and intuitive to use. One common use for hypertext is to provide an explanation of a term which may not be familiar. It is also used to create links to related sites.

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    Instantaneous Update

      The Web can be rapidly updated. Database-driven sites will display new information immediately, allowing real-time updates of catalog offerings, stock levels, and prices. There is no cost of updating information beyond entering it in the database, which is done for other business reasons.

NOS Teletekst offers updated currency exchange rates every few minutes during trading hours.

    Targeting an Audience

      The Web is a narrowcast medium, which is to say that the message is "pulled" from the Web one user at a time, rather than being broadcast ("pushed") to millions of viewers at the same time. The message is narrowly focused on the target audience, allowing highly selective marketing.

    Select Demographic Group

      Web surfers are:
      • Well educated
      • Young
      • High earners

    Custom Content

      Unlike print, the surfer's experience of a site can be tailored to that person's particular needs. The need to wade through a large body of irrelevant information can be nearly eliminated.


      Web sites are inherently searchable, and search functions allow users to quickly find what they want.

    Economical Distribution

      The Web is the most economical information distribution method ever devised.

    Direct Response

      It is easy to provide an e-mail response facility on a site. This allows a surfer to respond to a site quickly, cheaply, and easily.
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    Location Independent

      A Web site is as easily accessed from another continent as from the next room. Anyone with Internet access can access any site, anywhere, any time.
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