Uses of the Web

      The Web is a flexible medium that can serve a variety of purposes for a wide range of organizations. The most important types of sites are described below, and examples of each type are given to the right.
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    Product Information

      The Web is an ideal medium for offering product information. Production and distribution costs are low, and the information is easy to update. Surfers looking for a product can quickly and easily make contact with the seller.

Netscape Communications
provides sales, software download, and support.

    Brand Awareness

      Brand awareness sites must offer interesting and regularly-updated content if they are to attract many visitors.

    Direct Sales

      Workable, secure on-line payment schemes will soon arrive, and on-line commerce will grow rapidly, especially in sectors where product quality is widely known. sells over two million book titles.

    Customer Support

      Computer companies provide product support and information on the Web. Customers have 24-hour access to information they may urgently need, and the cost of providing support is reduced.

Matrox, a major supplier of graphics adapters, provides extensive Web-based support.

    Schedules & Agendas

      Transient information such as schedules and agendas can readily be offered on-line, saving money and improving service.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen put rail schedules on-line.

    Scientific & Technical Data

      Many organizations now offer on-line access to scientific and technical information. The Web provides an effective and inexpensive means to distribute complex information containing both text and images. In many cases the information does not yet exist in printed form.

Cities for People presents a design for car-free cities.

    On-Line Magazines

      On-line magazines have recently become popular. These sites can earn significant advertising revenues but must offer interesting content in order to attract large numbers of readers.

Suck updates content daily.
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