Sen. George S. McGovern's
1972 Run for the Presidency

From Life Magazine of 5 May 1972. This was the first day that Kathleen Kennedy campaigned for Senator McGovern, an event which signified that Senator Edward M. Kennedy would not be a candidate for President in 1972. I took this photograph at the first campaign stop of the day, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, just one day before the Massachusetts and Pennsylvania primaries. A photograph from another roll taken at the same time was run by UPI on their wire and was published on page one of many US daily newspapers.
I was one of then-Senator George S. McGovern's staff photographers for the 1972 spring primary campaign. From early April until late June, I traveled with the Senator nearly everywhere he went, shooting hundreds of rolls of film in the process. In 1979 I donated this archive to the Smithsonian Institution, where it should still be accessible by members of the public.

The 1972 race was one of the last of the old-time campaigns. Appearances were, of course, managed, but there was real contact between the candidates and the public, and the nightly news often carried long excerpts from stump speeches, instead of the 5-10 second sound bites common today. It was a remarkable experience to watch as Senator McGovern climbed from 7% in the polls to go on to win the Democratic nomination.

It was a great privilege to have known Senator McGovern, who remains a beacon of intelligence, integrity, and compassion.

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