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What Next?

Iraq Today
The Situation on 22 April 2004
22 April 2004

Regime Change: Protecting the 2004 Election
10 April 2003

War in the Middle East

Editorial by Edoardo Salzano
6 April 2003

The Reason Why
by George McGovern
in The Nation
21 April 2003

Hearts, Minds and Bodybags:
Iraq Can't Be a Vietnam, Pundits Insist. Those Who Were There Know Better
by James Fox
5 April 2003

Iraq: The Short Run and The Long Run
Editorial by Erik Rauch of Boston
4 April 2003

The War Today
31 March 2003

Why we should not support either side in the war
Editorial by Edoardo Salzano of Venice
29 March 2003

War in Iraq
26 March 2003

Bush's War
Editorial by Edoardo Salzano of Venice
15 February 2003

Bush's Oil War
9 February 2003

Peace in the Middle East

A Follow-Up on the Terrorist Attacks
30 October 2001

The Terrorist Attacks of 11 September 2001
26 September 2001

Links to Others

America and the War by Tony Judt, in the New York Review of Books. Perhaps the best summary yet.

How to Lose a War by Frank Rich, in the New York Times. A must read.

King's Ransom by Seymour Hersh, in the New Yorker, on the instability of the House of Saud.

The High, Hidden Cost of Saudi Arabian Oil
New York Times
21 October 2001

The WTC Attack, Sep 11 2001: Commentary and Analysis
Many links to alternative media

Interviewing Chomsky
Radio B92, Belgrade
Interviewers: Svetlana Vukovic and Svetlana Lukic

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